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Student Perspective

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Seeds of Change Bioinformatics Horseback Ride
Olivia Hatch; Bioinformatics 2018

“While in Costa Rica I learned a lot! I learned the importance of independence, but also how important it is to collaborate with others. I also learned that asking for help is not a “bad thing,” and can benefit you greatly. I communicated with new people in a different country, and how to create my own projects, and experiment with new things. This experience has taught me how to adapt and create on my was great to be able to go, and complete hands-on research with the scientists…The scientific research was so interesting and valuable. However, we had many adventures outside of the classroom, too! We went on many hikes in the rainforest, and went horseback riding, zip lining, and on a bat tour, too! We were able stop in the village, and experience their local grocery stores, go on a coffee plantation tour, and interact with families. We went to the ocean, and researched sea turtles and stingrays. We were able to touch them, measure them, and collect data that is used worldwide. We also observed sea life by snorkeling and enjoyed the thrilling boat rides. All of these experiences together made the trip very fun, and an enriching experience that I will never forget.”

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