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Welcome Guardians & Parents!

Thank you for considering enrolling your student in a Seeds of Change research immersion program in Costa Rica. Our goal is nothing short of providing a transformational experience in your child’s life. Our programs challenge students intellectually, nurture their nascent interests in science, and reveal a path forward rich with discovery and promise.

We are proud to say that our research immersion programs are unique. They offer students the opportunity to develop their own original research experience. We mentor them throughout the research process. Yet, a key component is to empower them to envision, design, and implement their own work in collaborative groups. Our Seeds of Change instructors are well equipped to provide the background information students need to trigger their curious natures and engage them in meaningful research endeavors.


We are deliberate and experienced in creating a learning environment that is safe for students to learn how to use and enhance their critical thinking skills. Our pedagogical refrain is: “Give students time to delve deeply, run into dead ends (fail), uncover ways to recover (grit and resilience) and use the power of multiple minds (collaborate) to put together a coherent and logical presentation of their work (communicate).”

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